Monday, February 25, 2013

Party Central in J-Town

So lots of activities have been happening around these parts lately.
I went to a ghetto hospital to get some tests done for my visa-
They wrote on a white board for the x-ray room.
 It looks like something out of a scary movie or something!

 We visited the Western Wall on a early Monday morning for the Torah readings for Bar Mitzvahs! It was just one huge party, with people singing and dancing. 

 My friends Montana, Chloe and I went to the Jewish Quarter and found the World’s Biggest Donut. And it was delicious as well.

My new favorite thing to do is eat lunch on top of a building called the Austrian Hospice. We get our food from the city, normally a loaf of bread, a Diet Coke (aka the elixir of life), and some candy, and head up to our benches that look out across the city. It’s quite nice.  I have also purchased a cool sweater ‘It’s Better in Israel’!

On ‘Aloha Tuesday’ we wore our genie pants that aren’t really genie-esque but they are nice and comfy, and have a Hawaii scene on the bottom, all-inclusive with sunglasses, palm trees, and a surfer.

There was a Seder Passover Dinner for our Israel class, and these fine people and I performed a rap for one of the songs. It was a hit. 

PURIM PARTY! Purim is Israel’s ‘Halloween’, so we decided to attend a sweet party! The guy dressed up as Pharaoh came to the center a few days ago to teach us all Israeli Folk Dancing. He then proceeded to invite us to his birthday party slash Purim Party! How could we turn that down!? It was quite the event. Everyone was dressed up, and we were definitely the only ones who didn’t know all the line dances.

We finally went to Tel Aviv! It’s about an hour away from Jerusalem, but we took the trip out to the beach! It was so nice and warm, and so fun to explore! We spent most of the day at the beach, but then cruised around town! 

We even rode in a horse carriage, it was so fun! 

I have found the job of my dreams- herding sheep. We went to a sheep farm and learned how to herd sheep/goats, and also make pita bread
 (which is one of my most favorite things to eat out here in the Holy Land). 

Eye Love Ewe!

Little baby goat!

Homemade pita bread-HEAVEN! I LOVE PITA BREAD

Today was also a sad day because it was our last field trip with Brother Judd. We switch religion teachers halfway through the semester, so this was my goodbye picture with one of the coolest guys ever! I LOVE BROTHER JUDD!


  1. Love everything about this post! Most of all I love your smiling face. Love you Kara!!

  2. reactions while reading this post:

    -CHLOE!!! and the Kara face!! oh i've missed those faces.
    -I WANT THAT SWEATSHIRT. seriously... buy one for me?? [pretty please]
    -OK AND I WANT THOSE PANTS. seriously... those will be our party pants when you come back from fiji and i come back from brazil... it will be like our apartment uniform... ya dig?
    -animal shirt in israel. way to represent.
    -hahahahahaha you would be the BEST little sheep herder EVER!!! also i couldn't help but think of morgan reber and her animal husbandry class. should we take that winter 2015?? yeah?? sweet.
    -SHUT UP YOU ARE SO CUTE. those pigtails... i die. i'm also printing out that picture and taking it with me to brazil.

    I LOVE YOU SO FIJIN MUCH. (clever huh? i liked it)