Monday, March 18, 2013

10 K and America Pride

 I ran a 10k in Jerusalem! It was suuuuper hilly, and everyone and their mom was running, but it was so fun! I did it in under an hour, and for not training and having a permanent pita bread belly I was pretty happy about that.

Me and my friends! That is Mikkel with a mustache.

This is me running with sheep. They ran in the race. Who trains sheep to run in a race?!


Notice the man with the curls behind me. I'll miss seeing that!

Along with running a 10k, we had National Anthem Night in the Jerusalem Center. My good friend Nicky Hamilton loveloveLOVES America, so we dedicated a night solely to singing songs about America, whether they be the National Anthem night, or pretty much any country song.

Chloe, Lindsay, and I saluting our country.
I pledge allegiance to the flag...

Introducing the next President of the Confederate States of America

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  1. Running with sheep? Who knew! Another great adventure in JTown!